Challenge G

„Pediatric concierge“

Proposed by T-Systems

Long Version for Detail page: Pediatric concierge: IOT Homecare Device for desperate parents and death-defying children


Diagnosing children is one of the most difficult tasks for a physician. Often they are in a stage of anxiety and their parents even more. This does not make conversation and history taking easier. Also do children have a tendency to show misleading symptoms or are not able to elaborately describe the quality of the pains they have. This is a very uncomfortable situation for both, the child and the parents.


Classic cases in pediatric treatment present themselves at the worst hours possible with a great uncertainty among all involved. Furthermore long waiting hours in a full ER / pediatrician waiting room lead to dissatisfaction on all sides and are often unnecessary. Parents often chose to get on the phone and call a medical aide before they actually physically get even close to an Emergency Room. This is the time, when remote diagnostic skills (paired up with infrastructure and technology) come in very handy.

Actual Challenge

In order to be widely accepted within the parental community but also with the pediatrics, a use case has to be set up for specific disease entities: beginning with typical childhood diseases such as difficulty in breathing, fever, sickness but also accident indicated reasons like cerebral commotion or preliminary wound assessment after a domestic incident. All of them should need a sudden decision whether it is necessary to go to the hospital or not. It is your task to put yourself into the patient’s shoes and look into how digital transformation in healthcare can solve these problems or make the interaction between doctors easier (e.g. putting the doctor in the position to give precise instructions that the parents use as guidelines to assess the child’s wellbeing).


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