Challenge H

„From Car to Care“

Proposed by


As of today, streets are getting more and more crowded with vehicles (especially in big cities) and the amount of time e.g. commuters spend in their cars is rising. In addition to this, nowadays systems are available in cars, offering (semi-) autonomous driving modes and the chance to relieve drivers out of responsibility for certain driving situations.


Driving a car very often comes with a broad variety of feelings: getting distracted, bored, impatient and annoyed – depending on the situation they are in. This leads to unnecessary stress and very often results in the fact that people leave the car at their destination in a more or less exhausted state.

Actual Challenge

What can we do that people leave their cars in a better mood and more relaxed than when they entered it? Today’s vehicles are equipped with lots of sensors and actuators which could be used to generate holistic scenarios and applications for relaxation and regeneration during spending time in a car. Which role can sensor-equipped and connected cars play in a healthy and balanced lifestyle? How can we manage brining cars on the road which care for their passengers?

Available resources/support

State of the art available systems in cars

  • High quality audio systems
  • Seats with heating/ cooling and massage
  • Odor dispenser in the climate control
  • Climate/ temperature/ humidity control
  • Ionization of the air
  • Full color direct and indirect lighting
  • Measurement of lateral and longitudinal acceleration
  • Connectivity to mobile devices and web services outside the car

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